September 27, 2010

Valentine's Day the most helpless

Valentine's Day the most helpless
Aiming Ming know there is a giving up, missing and is so unwilling.

Tanabata comes, I am a bit overwhelmed. Sad, from the bedroom, the extension to the school lawn, covering the small lake in the kiln, along the direction of the park to go, I have nowhere to stay, still sad.
Tanabata, it seems that is not part of my day. Because she already is not alone accommodate, without envy of others in pairs, do not desire other people's warm words, just use the silent mood of loneliness in the slightly disguised. Who wish to cover up the bump with ... ...
Well nourished lovers embrace, but also wet and lonely loss. Dreamy romantic love has a hazy atmosphere, the Tanabata embellishment is added to the atmosphere, love the simplicity and firmness. However, for the lonely, the lonely already a pain. Nostalgia lovers this festival of colors, and lonely people will never forget. Whether happy or sad.
Perhaps, a year a certain day, lonely people who have served and who have agreed on a day like this, with the holding hands, walked the streets of Jingdezhen, through the school field, has been to the studio's most quiet corner, said with each other, then the accumulation of a summer, but then unknowingly become now, now became a person guarding the place was agreed upon, then foolishly imagined that the love of their way just me and you only, but now it turned into just one solo song.
If not for now, would not have been agreed upon place, there would be no appearance of that vague figure, but will not have any beautiful desolate heart.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security Not all the lonely people will be remembered, but who from the beginning who will be imprinted in lonely soul, then in a special day, a dull pain. Memories gently extended, will end the whole person from my thoughts shifted to the other side. A man guarding the agreed place and a pair of lovers gathered at the agreed place like this place at least in terms of any of them are memorable, it is worth guarding, worth keeping ... ...
Alone willfully expanded in my mind, I got to the corner, remember the side of every flower, every wall, every one I want to leave the scene. Agreed to, and who, once again I can not help but let their guard blank. If one day life will really like this blank, then I will not care about any invasion of Tanabata, because at that time, I already had a real existence of guardian.
Now, the whole world is surrounded by sweet, but I forget the sadness in every minute, every second passing. Whether it was because I coveted these feelings now had already been turned into a lonely, so lonely in the combustion ashes covered my whole body.
I still have to stay stuck in the memories of the places where, if I so helpless feeling stranded, then whether there will be one day, my life will be like now turned into a blank in loneliness? A hundred years, a thousand years later, I still think, in that the agreed place, and who can tell if the accumulation of a summer.
Love seems like fireworks as Tanabata, the gorgeous streets of the rise in Jingdezhen, not enough time for people to finish to disappear. I will not change the fact that there, but now I can change that, that had similar location, will still be some, albeit I am a person.
Lonely, singing, singing alone in my Tanabata, I remember singing the picture there, I sat under a tree, looking at me she has that patch of ice blue sky, gradually, gradually, his thoughts starts to condense.
One day no longer recalls the passage of time she was a little bit of erosion in the end. Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator I will also cast doubt on all the past. That is the life I once had you, I really want to, and her life would never betray a lifetime contract? Longer and longer, moving in the direction of heaven, the angels Looking back laughter. I really stars in the sky in the summer night there was a promise? Quietly the entire sky, we really like the quiet and the sky gazing at each other? I'm really self-righteous in this life that I can hold her hand? Also, I'm really into all of her life? She left me a lot of fantasy, at that time, those who do not have too much fantasy modification, I can outline the future I want, I can see I do not remember the past.
I do not see it all completely different, is about to disappear, dreams related to her every word ... ... is the same, like memories attributed to silence. Also, in the middle, I have experienced, his happiness, loneliness, no perception of pain ... ... for today's Tanabata, everything is meaningless change.
Diluted when the memories, I know all the waiting, loneliness, the meaning of guardian for me, perhaps, who will appear in the seconds after, perhaps in the long, long time since who knows, I have to a person, with a person's Tanabata. love the North as the causal, the margin of life and death are doomed to have a silent promise that has been guardian to the present, a man walked through the long and helpless Tanabata.

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