December 27, 2010

Last love

Last love
People's feelings are at the moment from the decision. It was in that moment that my mind would make a decision.
I think I, too, if not that moment I will not make a decision. I do not regret the decision I did.
I just do not cruel month to make this decision and I also followed the pain for a month, in fact, a little earlier maybe I would not be so painful, and perhaps this is known as not willing to it, even if the injury is still another big heart to love. No, stopped.
In fact, the love and make a decision does not matter. Even if you do decide you still can love, but love never going past that can only be stopped now, before memories of the same will only have between now and then forget.
I have enough of my sink, and even if you love him for three years or even five years is a sad but also the transition period, when you feel enough time to stop it, if it continues to only have you hurt one.
What is what is painful struggle tears what is what is one sleepless night is just what is what you want to commit suicide do not want the night the day, there are many, many months I have come to understand. I think enough.
To love someone is not using time to measure, but the time to forget someone really is the best drug. Why do you say to God so love this tease others? Or the people too good.
That day, I was drunk I remember a man walked away a long time before that place, no longer walk, sit there and I cried like that piercing cry. Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS Asked why the place is full of happy memories, sad place to be my past?
That day, I'm like a little girl just sensible to know what it meant to love and know what is discarded. I have been looking, that leave the back, but after all, dark eyes to see.
Even though I cried and cried, I want to you how much I regret it. To the present, can that still be the past as a memory.
In fact, I still miss him now, he would like to know everything, but now the idea is sensible, is no longer the impulse.
Now, I'm all your memories and even sad, and will stop at this moment today.
You make me feel very happy you had a very happy, I did not need to worry about all that, I can forget you peace of mind.
I once wrote a really long letter to you, but ... ... ... ...
In fact, many, many do not respond does not mean denial. Perhaps, I'll give your own reasons for leaving.
Write these, nor is it to explain what, just, I want to rebirth today, trying to suppress something this month in the heart stopped in today. I also like the old me, but I like the future.
That is only six years and I know what you mean, I would not go back on. It depends on how you do.
With you this time, I felt like a story. The story is not finished filming would continue. But the actor has to be replaced.
Do not care who has said that only care about forever. However, who really do not want to do forever? Forever with you can only say that the man is not him.
Destined to be perfect in this world, will certainly want to get lost as the same. This is a fair deal.
What is fair, is the same for the same. So, God, I tell you my love for me to take with you for my future success.
My heart's love is doomed to end at 23:38 today.

Ah H you regain freedom. To start to your future every day. Come on!

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December 03, 2010

A feeling, not nostalgia

A feeling, not nostalgia
Living life, there is always a lot of love, affection, love, friendship and so many in this situation, some very short, some are very long, but they are a love, a later, will come to a new paragraph. Back and forth, until the day we sleep.

Even eachother, life together, that's a longer time, but some, who eventually died, died for nothing as well. What is the general situation will slowly released into the atmosphere as smoke.

A situation, we do not have too much in nostalgia. When he came to our side, we open your heart to accept her. Lost, we are pleased to release the hands, so she quietly left.v-checker|obd2|obd ii|MVCI interface|MVCI TIS|MVCI HDS|M35080  Maybe you will run into a better, or maybe she will be more happy, this is some good ending.

Eachother, life together. People think sounds forever. But there was always casual, even a lifetime, it will smoke died Underlying his Blueprint for bulk, as the spring catkins, instant filled the air, but after a heavy rain, it will fall into dust, then there will be the second year, third year , and so on.

Let the past in the past, no matter how many points the past sweet, how much romance. You should let him pass. Because it can only represent the past, only a memory, but not too much nostalgia. So, sometimes, let go, a kind of love her way.

A situation, the past is past. In the present, open the gate to greet the next paragraph.

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