November 10, 2010

What way to restore the love?

What way to restore the love?
I know he is blind, and his aunt is our doctors. We have compared several times before the parent, not fancy but not their own people, that is, people do not fancy myself. The only difference is, he talked about a 4-year girlfriend, but I did not.

Just met that day, I definitely feel we are very satisfied with each other, the result is correct. His aunt said he liked me, I am very satisfied and I want to make good development. In fact, I see his face when the first think you will like him because he is my favorite type, all the more like the more afraid of losing, the more worried he is not really like me.
Sure enough, his temper is not very good, very self, big man, often quarreled, asked me to admit mistakes. I also admit that I was a bit "for" and promised to change and not change. This time in our exchanges, I paid a lot, his grandmother was ill, I went to take care of her; his cell phone is broken, I bought him. I do not know because I told him great, so he lost the fun of chasing girls called; or my tube too much, too much of his request, always suspect that he does not love me, just want to I have a relationship.
Noisy and in this way, we met with both parents, his family are in love with me. Can my family and even my friends around, no one like him. Said it was too self, not for me, I will suffer. We finally have a very happy, I really have no way to endure the thing: I fell and several needles every mouth, and he came to see me work the weekend. I promised to go before the 2 days a week to rest, but he did not come, said his grandmother was ill. I know that is an excuse, I do not want to ask, and we have repeatedly occurred before many times so as not happy. At first, all he found me, then I ask him, this time I really have no patience.

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I sank through, and take the initiative to tell him the things I do not control the future, and well to do their own thing. If I wanted him to come back to me, I let it go. Who knows, after 2 weeks he texted me: he did not for me, good or separately, should phone the money to me.
I really can not accept, have been thinking, is not he requested a relationship with me, but I did not before, but they think you've said "use the body to keep a man is only temporary," I think it is right. I heard that he and I broke up with his family are very angry, said that after such a love as I could not find him, he was a good girl. He knew and acknowledged, but he still want to split. You say, how can I do? Has been unable to avert. Just wondering, will he back it?

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