September 08, 2010

Meet, not to anger

Meet, not to anger
One day, I was sitting home on a bus, passengers are many. A pair of male and female office workers happened to be my side, caught my eye.
Probably because many people, the boy will be in the girl's waist arm Wei Dang, afraid of people crowded behind her and softly asked, "are you tired? Be will want to eat?"
Saw girls impatiently replied: "I have enough trouble, and are not first decide what to eat good, ask me every time."
Innocent boy head down his face, then say I was impressed by some of the words: "Let you decide to want to accompany you because you like something to eat, and watch you have a satisfied smile, to today being unhappy at work forget. suffered by the wronged you work I can not help you, I can do is the only way. "
After listening to girls, full of guilt to say sorry. This seems like the boy renewed confidence, said: "It does not matter, and you meet is not for angry, happy as long as you like." And then kiss the girl hair.
Bus arrival, Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator the boy holding girl's hands the car, the car pulled away, I go back to see the couple, the boy still carefully protected girl.
That much okay, "and you meet, not for anger." Two people in love with how hard-won bond, why bother to use gas to wipe out all the happiness. Even when faced with a little love to ourselves, we have treated each other calmly and with love and courage to resolve, rather than deal with angry reckless manner.
Machine income hearts and on to the wind. A little place, missed the opposite may not meet. Amidst the mundane world and the vast sea of people, between people, a chance encounter, with slight knowing each other. An edge of the word, he gave the far ends of the earth two people, closely connected together, since then, rain, feeling, dark love. Encounter people in the world, Love is not easy to be seen as a beautiful fate, to be treated with sincerity, the descriptions a common love of movement.
For some time, I always got a friend in the middle of the night call, he always complained about not sleep, because one thing has been haunting him: some time ago he met a girlfriend, he liked her, but with the contacts depth, but his heart is not happy, and had his girlfriend in the knowledge that he learned before the boys get along with another six years. He was considering to marry her, but more and more convinced that angry, more and more convinced feels aggrieved: she has had six other people ah ... ...
I know this guy thinking his own pressing in a dead angle, he also knew that they were dead, can still be inspired to Buyiburao to be entered, and hit, like a stop-gap of the poor moth, working like mad to where light tossing. He knew it was self-torture, but he can not control himself. He was such a day, the idea of entanglement, not crazy strange.
I could do was listen, and guide him to think positive, but to get rid of this pain, have to depend on his own consciousness.
Have read a good book, entitled "The life of what it means," a distinguished psychologist Alfred Adler • written. He said that our troubles and suffering, not because the thing itself, but because we added the concept of these things above. He then quoted John Milton "Paradise Lost" in a famous statement: "Consciousness itself can cause heaven hell, heaven can also frustrating as hell."
Indeed, the late-night call to my friend, is in trouble under his consciousness, with the narrow thinking of the beautiful encounter into a hell. Originally, he found a very like his girlfriend, should be very happy fishes, He had the gift of gratitude to his fate, but he chosen not think so, but never forget her past. This is no different to their own fate played a knot. If he does not free to open, he can never be happy.
This is a strange life, travel, meet who is a beautiful accident, should treasure every journey with us in the tropical climate, because that is the heart can stop wandering the place.
An old saying: "fate, from the circle, is doomed, that fate." Hundreds of millions of years of time in the river met in this life, in living beings to act as the Red sea of the international will in this land here, regardless of sex, regardless of poverty Rich beauty and ugliness, bonds of this world precious, Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security parliaments and international will treasure.
Taiwan writer Lin Ching also said: "There is only willing to affinity, if not willing, even if people will brush destined to miss. Margin is Heaven, were the people." Regardless of margin of margin of shallow, short-edge long edge, get that is luck. Life is too short to hard edge, we should all cherish, and apply the tolerance and open-minded to treat everyone in life, everything.
A Zen master to know one reason. He was very fond of orchids, while in normal Lecture, spent a lot of time planting orchids.
One day, he went wandering outside for some time before leaving his disciples to take account of the temple to take care of orchids.
During this period, his disciples are very careful to take care of the orchids, but one day when watering is not accidentally knocked over a rack orchids, orchid pots are all fall apart, and orchids sprinkled over the floor. Disciples were all so very much fear, he is going to master came back, leading to the master amends penalty.
Jackson came back, heard about this, they called his disciples, not only does not blame, but said: "I kind of orchid, one hopes to worship Buddha, the second is to beautify the temple environment, not to anger the orchid."
Zen Master why get upset because he though like orchids, but orchids heart Quewu this obstruction. Therefore, the orchid's gains and losses, joy, anger, does not affect his mind. Moreover, already so angry is useless, why should it mess with angry feelings, pregnant with emotion.
In daily life, we perhaps too concerned about each other, too concerned about emotional gains and losses, we are afraid to lose, and emotional ups and downs. Think about angry really resolve the problem? Conflicts can only make more acute or more of each other's feelings hurt? Open mind as to see to blossom.
And the dear people angry at the occasion, we can think more like "I am not angry with you to meet, but similar to a beautiful," then we will be able to designating another round of heart trouble serene. When you are going to fail to seize the mood, think of this sentence, may make more than add some sweet happiness factor it!

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