September 08, 2010

Love had no threshold, a step not only their own past

Love had no threshold, a step not only their own past
Her first day back to work, human resources, he is responsible for reception. See the handsome appearance, brimming with boundless enthusiasm for him, her heart, such as caught a fly, this man had a dream that is N times that had met it.
He seems to have some of her special attention. Sure enough, he will always work to create all the conditions to help her with her own bright, quickly stand out in a few new people.
That Christmas night, he is about her tea. The mixing of tea, she would like to let him know that she has secretly fallen in love with him, then exporting, but nearly half a year just for his own help. While he generously said, "to help her because like her." A sweet heart at her watch.
With the thought, she told him that any information will be particularly concerned about the up and gradually learn from other people's mouth, and his family is a rare kind of superior, his father is chairman of a listed company, the mother is the famous city of surgical doctor, and was reportedly the daughter of future demands especially high, not only beautiful but also must have their own careers. Knowing this, her mind less immediately before the calm. And he compared himself in it? Parents are small town of ordinary workers and cultivate a college student daughter is their greatest achievement.Bmw GT1|diagnostic tool|auto diagnostic tools|Programmer and Chips |Auto Testing Tools|Transponder Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|Original ICC IMMO Calculator| The gap between the two is too high. The itself, which failed to soul's amazing the kind of intake, cause even more impossible to talk about.
Love the threshold is too high, but she was destined to step. She is thankful that he did not promise him anything, or a half-way love will die.
She is a girl that some scheming, ponder over and over again finally made up his mind how to do. She began to wish to escape his eyes and search, and more to their own work, she believed that some day soon, with his outstanding career to move him and his parents heart, she believes they have the capacity. He is still trying hard to pursue her, she has been hiding, she gave her more to the company, busy day.
After three months she was surprised to find, together, another girl into the company to pursue his obsession with the Soviet Union began. Everyone knows that the Soviet Union from the poor mountain areas, parents are not out of the rest of my life over the mountain farmers, in order to allow two younger brothers and sisters to continue their education, the Soviet Union only in the city to maintain a minimum standard of living. Moreover, the Soviet Union and look just the general, so she really did not mind the Soviet Union.
Once the company held a reception, he called to her must be going. Can order a single business, but she chose to accompany clients to eat, he said that the reception could not find her some badly, drinking a lot of wine, and finally taken away by the Soviet Union that he almost passed out ... ...
During that time she found him and the feelings of the Soviet Union suddenly close up, Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Securitycamel Knife Carving heart pain. But take comfort in that after six months because of a job well done, she was appointed manager, became the youngest company of women middle managers.
She finally had the courage to cross the threshold, she found him, his confession has been in love with him. He habitually looked at her affectionately, but shook his head, said: "late." Her heart instantly sink to the seabed. She first learned the story of him and the Soviet Union. Had drunk that night, he was the Soviet Union returned to an apartment, the Soviet Union was a dare to pursue love and happiness of the girl, he expressed his daring to love hot, he really was touched by this humble girl. And the simplicity of the past six months the Soviet Union also moved good and dedicated to his parents.
At that moment she suddenly understood the prince married to Cinderella, Princess married to flat head lad, love had no set threshold, the so-called threshold, but is itself a barrier to their own settings.

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