October 18, 2010

If you could choose, I hope never loved

If you could choose, I hope never loved
Late at night, I will think of you; alone, I'll think of you; happy, I will think of you; sad, I will think of you; help, I'll think of you. No matter how times change, they did not change those habits! Even if you've gone away, even though I understand that those "think" is just one idea can never be implemented again, but it is out of control surfaced again and again

How many times told myself, should end in the past, start a new life. Why again can be so difficult to accept one another? What should comfort yourself that "no fate", or should tell his "wounded heart has shut the door that had opened the door of love!"

When faced with a chance to start over, and my heart just kind of inexplicable pressure to the extent that can be breathtaking, always find ways to escape. Before we knew it, I actually already indulge themselves, to make itself so fragile! Love in the world even though we have a magnificent view, but also to suffer the invasion of the stormy sea, and now she could afford it?

Creation get people, although many things we do nothing, even had no chance to win, but those scars are not as people's helpless and has cut, to stay still so deep in the heart! If I could choose to re-do, I wish I never loved, or that the girl full of hope and longing, hope to enjoy more happiness than the face of despair ... ... ...

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